Requesting a Favor

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Thank you for reading the Ed:Future blog.

When I get an email from a reader, or interact with subscribers on social media, I feel grateful. Those interactions expand my worldview and give us a way to collaborate on creating of an optimistic future through education.

For those reasons, I am eager to widen Ed:Future’s contact with people who care about learning.

And so…

May I ask you a favor?

Think of someone you know who loves learning.

It might be an educator (K12, higher ed, corporate L&D, or some other mode). It might be a lifelong learner who is fascinated by how people learn. It might be a parent with kids in school, or someone who hopes to be a parent who can choose the best education for her child.

Would you consider forwarding

this subscription link

to that person who comes to mind?

Currently 316 people subscribe to Ed:Future, and I’m hopeful that you can help increase the audience by ~10% to 350.

Thanks for considering the request, and thank you again for reading Ed:Future!

With gratitude—

Christian Talbot

Basecamp Founder & Ed:Future author

Christian Talbot