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Certificate in Social Innovation 2019-20 SAMPLE.png

What is the Certificate in Social Innvation?

The Certificate in Social Innovation is a digital document that verifies that you have:

  • Successfully completed an Expedition.

  • Demonstrated one or more learning competencies.

Why do we need a certificate in social innovation?

  1. College Admissions: If you are a high school student, the Certificate in Social Innovation will be an important addition to your college admissions applications. The digital document contains robust information about what you have learned, the work you have produced, and how you have grown.

  2. Employment: Upload the Certificate in Social Innovation to your LinkedIn profile or personal website so that employers / internships can see the official record of your social entrepreneurship skills.

  3. Record of Growth: Expeditions are transformational learning experiences, so the Certificate links to the personal portfolio that you develop during an Expedition. The portfolio is where you, your teammates, and your coach reflect on your strengths, skills, and knowledge.

How does the certificate in social innovation work?

Anyone can “double click” on the Certificate to view two levels of information:

Level 1: Competencies

Students can develop an array of competencies during an Expedition. The introductory level of the certificate reflects a student’s competence in:

  • Competency 1: Design Thinking

  • Competency 2: Character Strengths

  • Competency 3: Presenting Complex Ideas

Level 2: Portfolio

How do we verify that students have actually demonstrated certain competencies? By clicking down another level we get to the portfolio, which captures evidence of learning in real time.

The portfolio includes all the feedback from facilitators, peers, and the student herself. It also contains artifacts of her team’s social impact project.