Expeditionaries Facilitators


Clyde Cole

Clyde has been a teacher, administrator, and Deputy Superintendent in public and private schools in New York City, New Haven, and Syracuse. He is also the Founder and President of the Partnership for Boys.

His superpowers include inspiring students to think aspirationally, to ask difficult questions, and to work as a team.

Dilones, Sebastian.JPG

Sebastian dilones

Sebastian is an Alumnus Mentor at Regis High School and a Founding Facilitator for Expeditionaries.

His superpowers are energizing participants and helping them to see others with empathy.

Garcia, Marielys.jpg

marielys garcia

Marielys is the Director of School Engagement & Partnerships at PAVE and a Founding Facilitator for Expeditionaries.

Her superpower is fostering community and culture among Expeditionaries participants.

Reyes, Rosalie.png

rosalie reyes

Rosalie is the Coordinator of Teacher Engagement and Professional Development for Teaching for Change, Zinn Education Project and and a Founding Facilitator for Expeditionaries.

Her superpower is helping Expeditionaries participants to explore how social justice can amplify their prototypes.

Riordan, Michael.jpg

michael riordan

Michael is the former practice leader for litigation at MDMC. He now teaches leadership, financial literacy, and political science at Villa Walsh and Payne Tech.

His superpower is helping students to bring discipline to how they frame problems and conceptualize solutions.

Sillup, Patrick.JPG

patrick sillup

Patrick is the Assistant Head of School for Academics at Malvern Prep.

His superpower is maximizing how each learner uses her / his strengths during Expeditionaries.

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christian talbot

Christian is the Founder of Expeditionaries and Basecamp School.

His superpower is helping students to do more than they thought they were capable of doing.