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2018-19 talks & workshops

October 16-17, 2018: Signals x Richmond, hosted by The Steward School [note: by invitation only]

November 9, 2018: Global Gathering NYC, hosted by The Hewitt School

November 12, 2018: Strategic Marketing & Advancement Institute, Annapolis, MD

November 14, 2018: The Jesuit Schools Network Principals Cohort Gathering, Phoenix, AZ

December 3-4, 2018: AIMS Technology & Innovation Conference, hosted at Johns Hopkins University

Jan 18-21, 2019: Expeditionaries x Civil Rights, hosted by Fordham University Social Innovation Collaboratory, New York City

February 27, 2019: “The Signals Are Talking. Are We Listening?” NAIS Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA

April 22-25, 2019: Expeditionaries x Newark, NJ

June 19, 2019: VAIS Heads & Trustees Day, Richmond, VA

June 24-27, 2019: Expeditionaries x Wilmington, DE

July 8-11, 2019: Expeditionaries x Wilmington, DE

July 15-18, 2019: Expeditionaries x Wilmington, DE



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