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Mark Twain once said, "Classics are something everyone wants to have read, and no one wants to read."

School communities treat innovation the same way: it's something they want to have done already, but they are worried about doing.

When thoughtfully designed, innovation doesn't change who you are. At Basecamp, we know from experience that thoughtfully designed innovation helps you to become more of who you are.

Our design principles begin with a simple conviction. We call it the "Order of Operations":

Mission > Vision > Culture = Innovation

In the spaces between Mission and Vision, between Vision and Culture--those are the places where danger lurks.

Basecamp designs safe passage from Mission to Innovation.

Below are just  a few examples, drawn from our previous work, of how we can help you to journey from Mission to Vision to Innovation.

The end result?

Your school will tap into its DNA to become more of who you are, and more of who you want to be.

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Learning innovations...

Does your school have a mission grounded in service to the greater community? Then Social Entrepreneurship is an example of a learning innovation that can help you deepen that mission while creating new value for your school.

100% team-based and 100% project-based, Basecamp's Social Entrepreneurship program sparks a deep sense of purpose and passion in students.  Just as important, Social Entrepreneurship provides the perfect context for teacher professional development.  The experience can take place in a short "bootcamp," a two-week mini-course, or a longer engagement.

...designed for your school

Your community consists of many deep and rich networks, all united by your mission.  By discerning that unique value, we customize programs for students, teachers, and school leaders that can't be found anywhere else.

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virtual reality

Whether for Board members, faculty, or students, Basecamp's virtual reality experiences introduce your community to the leading edge of what is possible. Signals provides a glimpse of what this can look like.


Change management

  • ALIGN your school's mission to the innovation demands of the world.
  • BUILD + TEST innovation projects without the risk that typically accompanies change initiatives.
  • DESIGN a strategic plan that will enable your school to thrive in an age of constant accelerations.