Future of Learning Top Reads for week of November 13 2017

Bell Curve.png

This special edition of The Future of Learning Top Reads is better titled "Top Views," because I am sharing videos from the 180° Project by Wonder by Design.

The premise of 180° is that by telling a learning innovation story every two weeks for five years, we can build a critical mass of proof to change education at the systems level.

What story of innovative learning will your school contribute?


"The Bell Curve is Nonsense," featuring Todd Rose, author of The End of Average (85 seconds)

  • What if everything we think we know about grades and averages and distributions of student achievement is wrong?

"Jet Cockpits and the End of Average," featuring Todd Rose, author of The End of Average (80 seconds)

  • What if designing education for the average student means that we have designed it for no student?

"Mississippi Rising," featuring Albert Sykes, Executive Director of IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America (9 min 48 sec)

  • What if by confronting the past we can begin to create the future of learning for the #1 poorest state in the country?

"Thrive," featuring Thrive Public Schools, (12 min 55 sec; click here for the 73 second version)

  • What if by redesigning the physical space of school we could activate the deepest potential of every learner?


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Christian Talbot