What we talk about when we talk about the innovation journey...

Photo by  Andrea Reiman  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andrea Reiman on Unsplash

"[W]hen it comes to innovation two things that schools need to think about are these core questions: Who are we, and what are we really about? Then the other piece that often doesn’t get addressed enough is the question of focus: What’s the problem or the opportunity that we’re really trying to solve or seize? What are we really trying to do here? [...] When I’ve seen schools that are innovating really well, it never is the actual innovation that is the driver as much as it is the culture of innovation that’s been created in the school."

--Tim Fish, Chief Innovation Officer, NAIS, in "On the Innovation Journey"

  • How well do faculty and staff understand your Mission--"who you are and what you are really about"?
  • How well do faculty and staff understand your Vision--what success looks like in relationship to "the problem or opportunity that you're really trying to solve or seize"?
  • Does your school have a Culture that naturally encourages people to innovate in alignment to Mission and Vision?

Mission > Vision > Culture. That's the "Innovation Order of Operations."


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