At what speed does innovation happen?

Change causes stress.

Stress decreases oxytocin production.

Less oxytocin leads to lower empathy.

Lower empathy leads to lower trust.

Lower trust leads to skepticism about change.

Skepticism about change normalizes as a culture. (“This is the way we do things around here. Why would we change that?”)

On the other hand:

We can overcome skepticism about change by nurturing trust.

Increased trust leads to increased empathy.

Increased empathy leads to more oxytocin production.

Increased oxytocin production decreases stress.

Less stress fosters an openness to change.

And an openness to change is a fundamental cultural condition for innovation.


Innovation happens at the speed of your organization’s culture.

What conditions in your organization inhibit innovation?

What conditions in your organization foster innovation?


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Christian Talbot