What would people expect from your school's "hotel"?

If you watched yesterday’s triumphant performance by the US Women’s National Team in the World Cup, then you probably saw Nike’s stunning latest advertisement.

(If you missed the commericial yesterday, watch it now. Your heart will sing.)

Nike’s brand is so extraordinary that Seth Godin has written,

“If Nike announced that they were opening a hotel, you’d have a pretty good guess about what it would be like. But if Hyatt announced that they were going to start making shoes, you would have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what those shoes would be like. That’s because Nike owns a brand and Hyatt simply owns real estate.”

So here is a thought experiment:

Imagine that you have just opened a hotel on your school’s real estate.

What kind of experience will people expect, based on your school’s brand?

And how aligned is that brand with your school’s mission?


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Christian Talbot