What if you had to prove learning without tests or quizzes?

Someone recently tweeted:

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 8.33.58 PM.png

My immediate reaction was:

Give students a problem to solve, and observe how they:

  1. Frame the problem.

  2. Build a solution according to that problem-framing.

  3. Test their solution.

  4. Learn from feedback.

  5. Apply that feedback to a new iteration of the solution; or pivot to a different solution.

…all while collaborating.

This approach would not be efficient.

But it would tell you a lot more than any test or quiz could do.

And, more to the point, the students could tell you a lot more what they have learned than if they had been assessed by test or quiz.

How would you prove learning beyond grades and test scores?


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Christian Talbot