What if... PQ + CQ > IQ?


What if we were to focus more on PQ (passion quotient) and CQ (curiosity quotient) more than IQ?

How would learning look if we were to encourage learners to be more passionate and curious than certain?

Inspired by this interview with Tom Friedman, in which he says:

“You have to teach people to love learning. Some of us are lucky; we were born with it. If you’re lucky as a parent, and your kids love to learn, you won the lottery. Some of us have to learn it; others have to have it inspired in them by a great parent, or teacher, or spiritual leader, or president. But there is no more important survival skill than learning to love learning. That’s why I’ve always lived by the formula [...] that PQ + CQ will always be greater than IQ. You give me a young person or employee with [...] high PQ and high CQ, and I’ll take them over the person with a high [...] IQ, seven days a week. PQ + CQ are always greater than IQ.”


Each Wednesday we share a “what if” scenario. These are not suggestions as much as provocations.

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Christian Talbot