What if... 21st Century Résumé?

What if each learner’s résumé subordinated the static features of “schools, titles, and accomplishments” to the dynamic features of her growth?

As Sasha Dichter proposes in this blog post, such a résumé might:

  • Tell me the latest skill you mastered and what you’re working on.

  • Describe a knowledge gap you had and how you filled it.

  • Identify the networks you’re a part of or have created, and what you’ve done to strengthen them.

  • Help me see that these networks bring together all sorts of different people with a shared purpose.

  • Highlights a few areas in your life where you’ve been putting in the hours, even if it has nothing to do with “school.”


Each Wednesday we share a "what if" scenario. These are not suggestions as much as provocations.

If you have a "what if" scenario you would like to share, just send an email (and indicate whether you would like it attributed it to you).


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Christian Talbot