What if... only one learning experience?

Photo by  Cody Davis  on  Unsplash

Photo by Cody Davis on Unsplash

What if your school could mandate only one learning experience? What might you choose?

Consider this response from Jason Fried, Founder & CEO at Basecamp (the software company, not to be confused with Basecamp School... us!):

"Iā€™d begin to teach iteration. Iteration as a subject, equivalient to math, science, history, language, art, music, etc. How do you make something better over time? How do you return to something that you've done and see it with fresh eyes? How do you apply new perspective to an old problem? Where do you find that new perspective? What trails do you follow and which do you ignore? How do you smash the familiar and reassemble something new from the same pieces?"

You can read Jason's entire post, "Teaching Iteration," here.


Each Wednesday we share a "what if" scenario. These are not suggestions as much as provocations.

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