What is the test of a real education?

TED 2018 speaker Vishaan Chakrabarti speaks at Company on June 28, 2018

TED 2018 speaker Vishaan Chakrabarti speaks at Company on June 28, 2018

Vishaan Chakrabarti recently gave an expanded version of his TED 2018 talk at Company. To design humane cities for a rapidly changing world, he argues, we must rethink what problems we are really trying to solve.

During the Q&A, I asked him how he would re-imagine the educational system to support the kind of creative and collaborative problem solving he had described.

"The test of design education is to be presented with a problem that has no clear solution and no clear path to a solution," he said. "We need more of this kind of learning in school."

In that spirit, today teams of students and teachers from three schools--Regis High School, Fordham Prep, and Bishop Kearney--will embark on an 8-day learning journey. Each team of "Expeditionaries" will identify a social impact challenge and then collaborate to design a solution.

We call this experience "Expeditionaries" because all of us, including me, are journeying into the unknown.

EXPEDITIONARIES Transparent_On_White_SM.png

We don't know (yet) what these problems will entail. In fact, we don't know (yet) how to frame the problems in the first place. And we also don't know (yet) what different solutions might look like.

At the end of their expeditions, each team will pitch their solutions to an executive panel, who will give them feedback.

When do students at your school have the chance to journey into the unknown to learn something new about the world, about their team, and about themselves?


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