What if... Independence Day lesson?

Photo by  tom coe  on  Unsplash

Photo by tom coe on Unsplash

What if schools taught the essential difference between the definitions of "liberty" and "freedom"?

For thoughts on this distinction, consider "The Nation: Freedom vs. Liberty; Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose."

"...liberty implies a system of rules, a 'network of restraint and order,' hence the word's close association with political life. Freedom has a more general meaning, which ranges from an opposition to slavery to the absence of psychological or personal encumbrances (no one would describe liberty as another word for nothing left to lose)."

Over 20 years ago, my best college teacher, Frank Ambrosio, parsed liberty and freedom for me and my classmates. On this Independence Day, in 2018, it feels as urgent a distinction as ever.

Happy Fourth of July from the Basecamp team.


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