What if... reorganizing school?

Photo by  Tachina Lee  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash

What if we reorganized school around solving (not just learning about) the biggest world challenges of our time--these huge, transdisciplinary problems that, if left unsolved, will precipitate a rapid decline in quality of life around the world? For example...

  • Climate change
  • Human displacement (refugees)
  • Poverty
  • Political instability / global leadership
  • Food scarcity

(this list comes from TED Radio Hour, "The Big Five")

--Carla Silver, Executive Director, Leadership + Design


Normally we share a "what if" scenario for our Wednesday post. These are not suggestions as much as provocations.

We're sitting on several great what if's, so this week we're running three in a row.

If you have a "what if" scenario you would like to share, just send an email (and indicate whether you would like it attributed it to you).


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