A Different Set of Questions

Photo by  Joseph Rosales  on  Unsplash

What if we reframe the questions we hear over and over from educators?


“How do we fix grade inflation?”…

…“What are grades for?”(1)

…“Who are grades for?”


“How do we improve the teaching?”…

…“How does great learning happen?”(2)

…“How can we create conditions that will support such learning?”


“What do students need to know?”…

“What do they need to be able to do?”…

…“What matters to this student?”(3)

…“What is she going to do about it?”

…“How might we support that?”


It’s always helpful to consider:

…What problem are we really trying to solve?


What other questions are educators focused on?

How might we reframe those questions to open up new ways of thinking?


(1) Credit for this kind of reframe goes to Seth Godin.

(2) Credit for this kind of reframe goes to Coach John Wooden.

(3) Credit for this kind of reframe goes to Annie Makela.


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Christian Talbot