What might "Black Mirror" be warning us about the future of learning?

A scene from "Archangel," an episode of  Black Mirror

A scene from "Archangel," an episode of Black Mirror

I am obsessed with Netflix’s Black Mirror.

The show's genius lies in its convincing depictions of "the future ten minutes from now" (as the show has previously described itself).

For that reason, I was struck by a 10-second scene from "Archangel," an episode from the new season. (Don't worry: no spoilers below.)

At the scene's start, we are looking at a high school English classroom. At the front of the room is a wall-length, multi-media, touch screen board that brings to life the play Oedipus. 

A couple of seconds later, we zoom in on the teacher, who is manipulating the screen as she offers insights into the text.

Black Mirror 2.png

In a future in which we can access rich multi media and manipulate them with a touch; in which we can arrange physical space in creative and engaging ways...

What are the best speculative fiction writers warning us about when they depict the future of learning as wholly teacher-centered?


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Christian Talbot