What kind of metaphor are you using?

Photo by  H E N G S T R E A M  on  Unsplash  / Are you “renovating”?

Photo by H E N G S T R E A M on Unsplash / Are you “renovating”?

Photo by  Blaise Vonlanthen  on  Unsplash  / Or are you “journeying”?

Photo by Blaise Vonlanthen on Unsplash / Or are you “journeying”?

If your school is seeking change, it's worth considering what metaphor best reflects your intentions.

For example:

Are you looking to renovate your house?

Are you looking to go on a journey?

Two very different metaphors. One isn't necessarily better than the other, but one will better match your intentions.

Which raises the most important question of all: is everyone on the same page about what metaphor you're after?


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Christian Talbot