what if...?

 Photo by  Nick de Partee  on  Unsplash

The most powerful questions start with "What if...?"

If we treat them like seeds--plant them in the soil of our collective thinking, and water them with periodic discussion--they can yield extraordinary innovations.

Every Wednesday, we share a what if question to spur your creative thinking.


What if...

What if every school and learning organization had a research & development unit? Better yet, what if each school or learning organization were a member of at least one R&D consortium, so that great ideas could spread more quickly?

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What if schools evaluted learners not just on their individual learning, but also on how they contribute to their team's learning?


What if the core curriculum in school were built upon the bedrock of mental models?


What if admission to school only required two things: 1) that prospective students take StrengthsFinder; and 2) that they write an essay about how they regularly use their Top 5 Strengths? (Bonus points if their recommenders write similar essays about them.)

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What if every high school student had "to complete and present 20 projects" and then convert those learning experiences into a digital portfolio to apply for an internship before college?


What if every student had a strengths dashboard that enabled her to see and to share, in real time, how she contributes her strengths to her learning team and her learning community?

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What if all school leaders thought like designers and innovators?

--Erin Cohn, Carla Silver, and the L+D team