expeditionaries x delaware summer 2019

Wilmington, DE

for High schoolers: June 24-27, 2019

for middle schoolers: july 8-11, 2019

for everyone: july 15-18, 2019

WHY does the world need Expeditionaries?

Nearly 500 years ago, Western explorers mapped what was for them an unknown world of danger and opportunity.

Today we are on the verge of similar thresholds: some are interstellar, some molecular, some climate change related, some technological, some cultural.

What if it were up to you to explore these new thresholds?

In an age when exponential technologies will allow us to land on Mars, create virtual universes, and construct massively powerful artificial intelligences, we must form a new generation of expeditionaries. Guided by a commitment to the Common Good, new expeditionaries can explore these thresholds and use their learning to create positive social impact.


What if students could...


...mitigate the harms of gentrification by creating an app to match job seekers with developers? (Regis High School, July 2018)

...fix “biodegradable” plastics that don’t work? (Bishop Kearney High School, October 2018)

...design a re-entry experience for formerly incarcerated people to empower them to act as full citizens? (KIPP College Prep, January 2019)

The Expeditionaries experience forms students through social impact projects like these.


HOW does Expeditionaries work?

  1. Students identify a social impact design challenge.

  2. Teams use a design thinking approach to craft solutions. Teacher-coaches ask guiding questions.

  3. Students practice feedback and reflection.

  4. With help of teacher-coaches, students develop a “strengths portfolio.”

  5. Teams pitch a prototype to a CEO panel and audience for feedback.

You can learn more about previous Expeditions here.


What did students, teachers, and parents say about Expeditionaries July and October 2018?


“It is a great way to learn more about yourself and your strengths, and specifically how to use those strengths successfully as part of a team.” --Fordham Prep student

“Equally inspired by empathic Catholic Social Teaching and best practices in management, marketing, design, and education.” --Bishop Kearney teacher

“My son loves to help others and this gave him an opportunity to help people at a higher and more expansive level. He appreciated the opportunity to contribute his ideas while collaborating with his peers for the betterment of society.” --Regis parent



WHAT is in it for students?

  • Practice acting as a social entrepreneur

  • Engage in intellectually rigorous STEM & Humanities work

  • Practice reflection

  • Learn essentials of design thinking and other career-ready skills

  • Develop a strengths portfolio



WHAT is in it for teachers?

Practice the essentials of project-based learning and design thinking

Develop new approaches to integrating reflection with learning

Learn to provide strengths-based feedback

Join the Basecamp network of educators for ongoing insight, resources, and inspiration



WHAT is in it for schools?

Develop a competitive advantage to attract new families and energize existing families

Engage donors and prospects who have an interest in emerging tech + social impact

Develop teachers who can share deeper learning practices with their colleagues

Test new approaches to teaching + learning in a safe space



  • Experience runs for 4 days (Mon - Thu, 9 am - 3pm); exact dates TBD

  • Location: Wilmington, DE; exact location TBD [previous locations: WeWork W. 57th Street, Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus]

  • Tuition:

    • If registering as a school team (min. 3 students, max. 5 students; 1 or 2 faculty are optional)

      • EARLY BIRD discount (by Mar 1 2019): $3,749

      • Regular enrollment (by May 1 2019): $3,999

      • Last minute enrollment (by Jun 1 2019): $4,249

    • If registering as an individual student

      • EARLY BIRD discount (by Mar 1 2019): $649

      • Regular enrollment (by May 1 2019): $699

      • Last minute enrollment (by Jun 1 2019): $749

Want to enroll or have a question? email or call Christian Talbot: ct@basecampschool.com / 917.576.8987